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wine for lifeThe brand by Jeff Carrel, a range of Domaine wines, a range of organic wines, Maison Carrel for maturing and refining, Cuvier Carrel for organic wines, a vineyard in the Pyrénées Orientales: DSM Domaine Sous la Montagne.



Sangiovese Cuvée à l'italienne


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Les Darons c'est chez nous 1


Toowo The way of wine

Today we are mainly working in Languedoc Roussillon but also in Bordeaux, Beaujolais and Burgundy.
Jeff Carrel develops original ranges of wine, with original labels and affordable prices: simple wines but not simplistic.
Each wine has its own universe and its own story to tell. Making wines with a strong identity, with societal and environmental values, technical precision and personality, all the way from the vines to the bottle.

And if these wines exist it is because they are a reflection of the people behind them, a story of encounters, cultures, varieties, climates, and their only pretension is to be sincere.

Les Darons by Jeff Carrel Rouge Magnum
Morillon Blanc by Jeff Carrel Magnum
Super Mule by Jeff Carrel
Maison Carrel - Jeff Carrel


Maison Carrel is a building in the middle of the village Saint-Laurent de la Cabrerisse in the Corbières region, on the wine route “20vin”, between the sea and the mountains, between cellar and vineyards; a place full of wine history typical to the village’s way of life, with a winery dating back to 1857.

Maison Carrel photo des chais dégustation et assemblage vins
Maison Carrel - Jeff Carrel

These were vines they had been looking for, and so they decided to take on this new challenge and baptised the estate DSM, Domaine Sous La Montagne (or “at the foot of the mountain”).

Maison Carrel photo des chais dégustation et assemblage vins

"Art and wine, bringing people together."