Villa des Anges

Jacqueline Menard de Ginestous Liquisse, an iron fist in a velvet glove, an exquisite hostess.

For several decades, she has rigorously managed the Domaine Saint Roch in Limoux which belongs to her family, and equally the Domaine de l’Espitalet in Capestang which belongs to that of her husband. At Espitalet, her mother-in-law’s “angels” have invaded the property in the form of plaster moldings, paintings, terracotta pots, drawings, cast iron gates and fences, wall friezes, perhaps even in the salads and pies…

As the estate is located on a Roman Villa, the name Villa des Anges (Villa of Angels).
For Jacqueline, Jeff is still 28 years old.
She calls him Mister Carrel, and Jeff calls her Madame Menard.
He knows he owes her a lot.

Villa Des Anges Cabernet Sauvignon
Villa Des Anges Reserve
Villa Des Anges Blanc
Villa Des Anges Reserve Magnum
Villa Des Anges Old Vines Rose

"Wine turned the mole into an eagle."

Charles Beaudelaire