Les Grenadines

We have always had the intention of planting Pomegranate trees adjacent to our vines, and we will one day. But before we do, we decided it was time to produce this fresh and fruity juice, whilst we wait for that of our pomegranates.

Grape varieties

Grenache / Carignan / Maccabeu / Syrah / Pellut


Domaine d'Ansignan

Nuance, aroma & taste

A light cherry coulour.

Aromas of cherry, redcurrant, pomegranate juice and small strawberries.

Fresh and sapid on the palate.


Perfect for drinking on the terrasse, in the sun, warm nights to cool off, or rainy afternoons to bring back the sun…


Serve between 14 and 16°C
Aging potential: 3 to 5 years

Les petites grappes Bouteille de vin



  • Wine & Spirits Magazine 87/100


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