a vue de nez sans souffre bio

Malbec certainly, but which one ? This one is a particular plantation with a massive selection from Argentina, Italy !?! and Cahors also! It is this happy family that we vinify, to create a playful version of Malbec, a joyful refrain like Spring birdsong. Long live free Malbec !

Grapes Varieties

100% Malbec



Nuance, aroma & taste

Aromas of citrus fruits and strawberries.

Silky and refreshing on the palate.


Morning, noon and evening, and until late in the night...


Serve at 12°C
Aging potential: 3 years

Vin sans soufre A vue de nez jeff carrel


A vue de nez  vin rouge sans soufre by Jeff Carrel Etiquette
A vue de nez vin sans soufre Point de vue
a vue de nez vin bio POINT DE VUE vin blanc by Jeff Carrel Etiquette