A place where we can mature and blend our wines in optimal conditions, that suit us and our way of doing things, with the equipment, tanks, barrels and “foudres” we have specially selected.
A pleasant place where we can welcome partners.
A place where we can bottle our wines.
A place to taste them in comfort.

A place designed with the concern for sustainable development: insulated and without air conditioning, with a system that allows water to be saved.

31 Tanks for a volume of 6000 hl
Stainless Steel Tanks
1 x 10hl
1 x 5hl
2 x 20hl
1 x 31hl
1 x 10hl
227 x 2.25hl
11 x 3hl
12 x 4hl
Vinification ‘Foudres’
6 x 9hl 

In Fabrezan, the next village along from Maison Carrel, is the Cuvier Carrel.
It dates back to the last century and the previous owners had already dedicated it to the vinification and maturing of organic wines.
It allows us to create our organic wine range in a place especially dedicated to them.

Cuvier Carrel

Concrete Tank 3 x 300hl - 2 x 150hl -1 x 170hl -1 x 400hl - 1 x 228hl

Stainless Steel Tanks 3 x 100hl

Fiber Tanks 5 x 50hl - 2 x 20hl - 1 x 10hl - 1 x 15hl

Barrels 4 x 5hl - 21 x 3hl

"Whether you like it or not and whether you admit it or not: pissing red in a glass of white does not give rosé wine."

Pierre Dac