Mousse Tache Rosé

Awaiting new vintage

Mouse-Tache is the result of a contemporary method that creates sparkling wines with beautiful bubbles and lots of finesse, imagined by Jeff.

Grapes Varieties

100 % Malbec



Nuance, aroma & taste

A pink colour somewhere between salmon and rose tea, with streaks of scattered bubbles.

Aromas of candied red berries and spices.

Tastes of summer fruits, slender and round with bubbles fizzing gently on the tongue. The finish remains tense underlined by the red fruits and orange peel, with a slight bitterness.


Drink neat or as a long drink, over ice cubes or in a cocktail.

Consume as an aperitif or to accompany dessert.


Serve between 12 and 14°C
Aging potential : 7 to 8 years

Mousse tache rosé de jeff carrel


Etiquette les mamettes by jeff carrel blanc
Etiquette Mousse Tache Rosé
Etiquette les mamettes by jeff carrel blanc